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Say yes to the transformation of a lifetime

1:1 Coaching

1:1 coaching is the most intimate type of coaching availible. Do you feel like you need that extra push in life? Like you can only do so much on your own? This program will catapult you into your desired reality.

What if...

• You had a strong sense of direction. You were connected to your true purpose and knew what steps to take each day to achieve your goals

• You made peace with your past. You can now move forward feeling lighter and freer. 

• You knew how to communicate your needs and boundaries in your relationships. Now, you have deeper and stronger connections. You have a stronger sense of belonging. 

• You broke through generational stories holding you back in more ways than you imagined. You realize now you can rewrite

your stories. Stories that align with abundance, faith, trust, and love.

• You had the tools to get through emotionally difficult situations, triggered trauma, and intense conversations on your own.  You knew exactly what you needed to do to get into energetic alignment when you felt off. 

• You made decisions from your heart and stopped questioning yourself. You trust yourself and you no longer doubt yourself. 

Let's make this your reality

this program will change your life if

  • You feel stuck in life

  • You have a strong desire to connect with your life purpose

  • You struggle with negative self-talk and the inner critic

  • You want to improve the relationships in your life but you don't know how

  • You lack emotional clarity

  • You have a hard time trusting your intuition

  • You wish to be confident and live from your power 

  • You struggle with people-pleasing 

  • Your sensitivity feels more like a burden than a gift


Let's make sure you have the following 

Commitment to your goals with 100% tenacity 

Responsibility and accountability to grow 

Readiness to release everything that is blocking you

Willingness to change


I present to you..


How deep do you want to go?

6 weeks

• 6 1hr+ calls

• unlimited access to me via messenger

3 months

• 12 1hr+ calls

• unlimited access to me via messenger

6 months

• 24 1hr+ calls

• unlimited access to me via messenger

If Brighty is fully booked you can still apply and be first in line for the next spot.

What people are saying

"Working with Brighty helped me connect to my higher self and inner child, as well as living authentically and in alignment with my highest good. She is an incredibly talented, amazing person and her coaching was transformational." - Bethanie P

"Hi, reader. Bridget has a gift to help people take steps to really have a fulfilling and fun life. She completely meets you where you’re at and gives you the tools to be able to create a healthy and happy life for yourself. I can’t tell you or express how grateful I am that I worked with Bridget. She is the easiest most caring person to talk to and the cheerleader and motivator for me to make changes in my life. Not exaggerating here - the few hours I spent with Bridget will help me for the rest of my life. Bridget will 300% be so successful and well known in the life coaching profession in a few years so use her now!!!" - Caitlyn M

“I have never felt such a fast connection with someone like I did with Bridget. Our first session together was so powerful that I still think back to that moment with a huge smile on my face. Anyone who is thinking about taking the next step in their journey should invest their time working with Bridget. It has been one of the most profound experiences in my life.” - Courtney D

"Having the opportunity to work with Bridget is something I didn't know I needed until I decided to communicate my needs properly and clearly, and trusted in the amount of work and practice it takes to finally be able to see a light or the breakthrough. Bridget is someone I easily trusted with my gut even as a stranger during the first time I met her (virtually.) Mind you, I actually don't have an easy time trusting just anyone, let alone strangers. So that's a compliment. She also keeps things professional and tries her best to get to know you. Love, Tracy"

"I want to share my experience where I’ve had the divine opportunity to work side by side with one of the most beautiful people I’m not only lucky enough to call a mentor but a lifelong friend 🤍🌙✨Bridget has helped bring awareness and a unique perspective to myself, some of which were unknown or deeply pushed down. She has helped me jump through timelines, remove blockages that were preventing me from reaching my highest potential, and gracefully guided me toward unlocking and activating my highest self.
What I love the most, is she uses her gifts and guides each of her clients in a very individualized way, depending on how they are inspired to grow. If you’re ready for a divine transformation or have thought about leveling up (and are not sure how), I recommend taking a peak at what B has to offer - she has 1:1 coaching in addition to specialized courses. I promise you it is worth every moment of your time 🦋🌊 I love you to the moon and back my friend!

- Veronika S"

"I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Brighty.  She is an amazing person and coach and I was able to connect quickly and tap into some very deep spaces with her guidance.  I feel more trusting of my intuition and better able to call on my higher self for help and guidance as a result.  I made a pretty big decision in a short space of time and am excited about where that will lead me.  If you are wondering whether or not to take a chance on this coaching program , I would highly recommend that you go for it - it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made! Thank you Brighty, Michele H 🙏💕"

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