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Throughout my years as a life coach, I have intertwined personalized guided hypnosis' into all of my programs. If you have listened to a guided meditation before then you have done a guided hypnosis. A lot of times when people hear the word hypnosis, they are fearful and think it's a bigger deal than it actually is. It simply allows you to relax and feel safe so that you are able to access deeper parts of yourself. It's playful and fun! If you are new to meditation or inner work, guided hypnosis is the perfect place to start. 

Here are some of the hypnosis experiences I offer in my 1:1 coaching program: 

- Reconnect with your inner child

- Discover your Starseed origins

- Meet your spirit guides

- Meet your higher self and connect to your intuition

- Connect with your highest timeline & quantum-leap

- Past-life regression 

Each client is unique and I only guide them into experiences that they are ready for and I think are appropriate for them. I work with clients of all spiritual backgrounds and belief systems and will always respect their comfort level. 

For the first time, I am offering some of my guided hypnosis experiences to everyone! Previously, these have only been available to my 1:1 clients. 

Reconnect with your inner child


Allow Brighty to hold space, safety, and support for you to reconnect with your inner child. During this session, you will get the healing experience of hugging your younger self, asking them questions, hearing their advice and allowing them to show you what they want you to see. This session is the perfect place to start on your healing journey or if you've never done inner-child work.

The session takes about 45 minutes but can go up to 90 minutes depending on the situation. 



This session is for the people who already know they are Starseeds and deeply resonate with the Starseed story. If this is your first time hearing about this and you feel called to it, go do some investigating and come back! 

On this call, I will guide you into seeing where your soul originated from in the universe. You will see your home planet, star species, and even connect with your cosmic family. 

This session lasts around 60 minutes



There are infinite potentials for how our future can play out. The best potential is called our "highest timeline". In this session, Brighty will guide you into seeing your future self on their highest timeline. This familiarizes you with what it takes to get there. At the end of the call, Brighty will guide you through quantum-leaping into this timeline. 

*Advanced* This call usually takes 60+ minutes. 


past life regression

Want to know who you were in a past life? All of our past lives exist in a record inside of our subconscious mind. Although we most likely have hundreds of thousands of lives, our subconscious minds will only reveal the life most prevalent in our current life. Whatever challenge you are facing in this life, is most likely paralleled in a past life. By diving into the past, we are able to understand the lesson. Then we can release energetic blockages and access advice to heal once and for all.

This call usually takes around 2 hours 


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